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Historical Stages Project Logo

The Historical
Stages Project

aims to promote cultural preservation and global diplomacy by archiving and honoring our inter-generational connections of sound, education, and storytelling through conversational media, educational lessons, and tech.

– “Making cultural preservation tangible.”

NFT- On-Site cultural Preservation Podcast in New Orlans

Inter-generational Sound Archive

A curated collection capturing the evolution of sound across generations, preserving cultural heritage.

Educational Lessons in History & Preservation

Interactive modules and resources that educate users on the significance of historical and cultural preservation.

Conversational Media Tech

Innovative technology that facilitates storytelling and dialogue, bridging the gap between past and present.

What does cultural preservation mean to you?

What does cultural preservation
mean to you?


Season 1 of the Historical Stages Project features real-life stories and testimonials from musicians and elders who have lead the inception of the Historical Stages Project. They learn about their musical and cultural roots and how they’ve played instrumental roles in their lives and musical crafts. Their personal accounts highlight the impact of cultural preservation and emphasize the significance of the Historical Stages project’s mission.


Deidra “Deepa Soul” Meredith

Multimedia Activist and Cultural Strategist

Winston Turner of the Brass-a-Holics holding his trombone

Winston Turner

Trombonist, Singer, Educator, and founder of the Brass-A-Holics.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon Headshot

Tonya Boyd-Cannon

International Recording Artist and Musical Educator

Troy Sawyer string at crowd live concert

Troy Sawyer

Troy Sawyer and the Elementz (Global Artist)

Nana Mama Sula

Nana “Sula” Spirit

Global Artist of the Maroons

Al Jackson at Treme's Petit Jazz Museum

Al Jackson

Historian of Treme’s Petit Jazz Museum

“History is not just facts and events. It's also the people who lived it, who made it.
And if we forget the people, we lose the history." - Julian Bond


"Programs and project initiatives are the architects of progress, laying the foundation for a better future and ensuring our legacy endures."
- Mary McLeod Bethune

The Future of Cultural Preservation

Preserving our stories, art, and history is like saving our most precious memories in a treasure chest for future generations. Imagine blockchain as a magical diary where artists and musicians, both young and old, can keep their creations safe, ensuring no one else claims them as their own. This diary doesn’t let anyone change or erase what’s written, making sure every piece of art, song, or story stays true to its creator. So, in a world where it’s vital to protect and celebrate our art, history, and culture, blockchain is like our guardian, ensuring these treasures are safe and sound for everyone to enjoy.

“Technology is the pen of our time, and history will be written through its ink.” – Dorothy Vaughan


“The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.” – James Baldwin

What is the purpose of the HSP project?

The HSP project aims to connect musicians with elders to preserve cultural heritage and protect their intellectual property using blockchain technology. By fostering meaningful interactions between generations, we strive to ensure that cultural traditions are passed on and celebrated.

How does the conversational approach on the HSP website work?

 Our website features a conversation with visitors by asking the question, “What does cultural preservation mean to you?” This approach allows us to engage visitors and gain insights into their perspectives on cultural preservation. The best answers will get posted on our site and you can choose to make your responses personal or anonymous.

What role does blockchain play in this project?

Blockchain technology is used to safeguard the intellectual property of musicians and elders. It provides a decentralized and immutable platform for copyright registration, ensuring that their creative works are protected and attributed properly.

How can I get involved in the HSP project?

We welcome your support! You can get involved by volunteering your time to assist with various initiatives, such as organizing events, workshops, and concerts. Additionally, you can contribute by donating to help fund our programs and projects.

Can I share my own cultural stories on the website?

Absolutely! We encourage visitors to share their cultural stories and experiences with us. Your contributions will help enrich our understanding of cultural preservation and its significance to diverse communities.

 How can musicians and elders benefit from participating in the HSP project?

 Musicians and elders can gain valuable insights and connections by participating in the HSP project. Through collaborations, they can learn from each other and share their unique perspectives, leading to a deeper appreciation of cultural heritage.

Are there any membership requirements to access the HSP's resources?

The website’s resources and information are open to all visitors. We believe in promoting inclusivity and accessibility to encourage a broader understanding and appreciation of cultural preservation. However, we will provide exclusive content to users and participants on additional platforms like Patreon, etc. Those can be accessed here:

How are HSP cohorts selected?

We select 6-8 musicians throughout the year to amplify and research the origin of their sound as they work with elders to connect their work to various parts of culture around the world. 

How can international partners get involved?

Diplomacy concerts and virtual trainings allow us to secure a global community space for interested artists seeking deeper connections with fellow musicians. Best practices and discussions amongst artists are encouraged as we work to build global outlets and channels to increase tourism and new markets to advance the cultural economy, quality of life, and fair wages for our artistic and creative community. 

How can I book or host an HSP concert or film screening?

Contact us and we can discuss the details of your project.

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